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It’s The Little Things…

It’s always the little things that make me smile the most.

This morning I was stuck in traffic on the way to check in on a kitty I’m currently petsitting. The traffic flow meters were on, and to put it quite blatantly, pretty much everyone was being a dick. And for what? Cut me off so that you can get stuck in traffic JUST LIKE ME?
Everyone was in a rush to get stuck in traffic. And they were all agitated about it, too! As if they were some victim of some evil plan that would make them late for work.
I can bet you most people in that stop & go traffic scenario had the same feelings of resentment towards the other drivers.

I found myself starting to feel agitated as well. “Use your damn signal light! It’s there for a reason!”
“Seriously??? SERIOUSLY???? What was the point of that?!?!”
Being surrounded by all of that negative and competitive energy made me cranky. And I didn’t wake up cranky! I woke up feeling good today!

This went on for about 20 minutes…until I had go merge into another lane of stop and go traffic. I thought I was going to have to cut my way in, but there was this mother and her adorable son in a dark purple van, both beckoning me to go ahead in front of them. Something about the encouraging smiles on both of their faces and the warm and welcoming way they let me pull into the lane in front of them…changed my entire mood.

I was no longer cranky. The world was back to being a spectacular place. The sun was shining, and people were still kind.

That mother and her son, even though the action was so incredibly simple, turned my entire day around.

I wish I could hug them. And I cannot wait to see what type of man that little boy becomes.

Sometimes little moments strike a chord deep within you. They make you want to pay that kindness and positivity forward. This beautiful mom and her gorgeous son did that for me. :)

Sexual Assault Awareness Month is right around the corner!
What will you do to promote the cause in your community?

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I Still Need Help

This freaking sucks to admit, but I still have problems with self-sabotaging.
It’s the largest addiction I have, and I don’t know why or how this came about in the first place.

This much I do know: I deserve to feel and to treat myself better.
My self-sabotaging hurts not only me, but those around me. I hurt people I love whenever I find a new way to hurt myself.

I wish I knew how to stop this cycle, this endless desire to ruin everything good in my life.
Everyone (well, almost everyone) deserves some good in their life…right? So why don’t I?

To be continued…..

I adore this quote. It’s interesting how something as simple as the way we phrase a sentence, or a compliment (in this case), can have unintentional, underlying implications.

Delivery is everything when it comes to conversing.

Tolkien is brilliant for many reasons, of course, but this quote is beyond exceptional. 
It gives me something to think on whenever I have my doubts. It reminds me to keep pushing forward when times get hard.

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